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For Your Look

For Your Look

I take a great amount of pride in making people look and more importantly, feel their very best! One of the many reasons I'm called The Transformationalist!

For Your Space

For Your Space

When you make your environment a priority, you make yourself one. It really is that simple. I offer a variety of Organizing Services & Customized Packages to match your needs and your budget!

For Your Life

For Your Life

I help individuals and their families deal with change, transition, loss and grief. I support clients in the areas in their life where they may need to make peace with their stuff - the physical, and emotional alike.

  • My Process

    For Organizing Clients

    As simple as 1, 2, 3, 4

  • My Process #1

    Tell me How I can Help

    Take as much time to let me know what's going on for you. What is the situation you find yourself in? (Moving/Stuck/DownSizing/Divorce/You'd like to park your ride inside/You're Inspired To Make Some Changes) Once I've reviewed your message, I will have a pretty good idea of how I can help you. I will reply back with additional information, answer any questions & address any concerns. Please be sure to include your phone number. Finally, we set up your 15 minute call!

  • My Process #2

    15 minute phone call

    We continue our conversation and get clear on where you need support. Is there a time line or a goal date I should know about? Share about the dynamic of your household or workplace so I know if I've got extra hands available. What is your budget? The last thing we do on our call is book your 1 hour on-site (or on-line) consultation!

  • My Process #3

    1 hour Consultation

    I ask to see the space as it exists right now. Your space will always confirm the best place to start. Any questions or wish lists, bring them out. The consult is a great opportunity for you to ask me ANYTHING...I mean it! After we've reviewed your space, we will sit down and discuss what the best service package would be for you. The consultation fee is waived if you commit to 3 hours (or more) of service at the time of your consult. * Calgary & Surrounding area: consults are on-site. Outside of Calgary, no problem, we can do your consult over Skype or Facetime *

  • My Process #4

    The Work Gets Done

    At your consultation we would have come up with a plan and now we're putting that plan into action! Some clients are extremely hands off and want very little of their own time invested while some clients work alongside me every session. The choice is yours, always. Remember, clutter can also be defined as 'Every single thing that's incomplete in your life.'


Beautiful Sentiments From People & Clients I've Served


Jess Huffman

Jess Huffman

Owner, Firebringers / Firebringers

Natasja is passionate about her work, committed to her clients, and highly professional. She creates systems that free time and space. She gets you, and your space, organized – then follows up with you as part of her regular service package to make sure those systems are working.
 If you are looking for a Professional Organizer, I highly recommend you give her a call.

Leor Rotchild

Leor Rotchild

Owner, Creator / DIG

As a busy young professional, life tends to move at a rapid pace for me. Taking the time to organize my apartment after long days at the office had not scored very high on the priority list. Through encouragement from my girlfriend, I hired Natasja to assess my mess and the rest was history. Natasja went the extra mile to ensure my apartment was fully functional, she even assembled IKEA furniture and labeled all my storage bins. More importantly, she helped me develop a system that fits with my busy lifestyle. Maintaining the system is much easier than I expected and my apartment has never looked better. Having an organized living space has done wonders for my mental well being and I find myself enjoying being at home more and having company over. Natasja is such a personable individual and she made the experience easy and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Natasja Fischer to anyone that is ready to reclaim their space!

Neil Horbachewski

Neil Horbachewski

Vice President, Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Operational Excellence / Progress Energy, Petronas

The challenge I had is the garage became a place for storage. With a 1300csq ft garage a lot of things can be kept in there. Also being in the process of moving everything was going in there and it was becoming very cluttered and would not show well. I have a tendency to keep things “just in case”. I needed someone to look at our things and ask us why we needed it. On my own, I justify keeping things for years but Natasja was able to get me to realize what was needed and what was just getting in the way. What I was most impressed with is Natasja’s work ethic. There is no stopping her. She works very hard and doesn’t stop till the job is done. The biggest benefit with working Natasja is that I feel I have a much better handle on “the what we have in our home”. I know it may seem like common sense to some people to know what a person has. But after 16 years my wife and I have collected a lot of things and we both have been unable to organize it and really look at what is needed and what is not. Our home become larger and the space we had just got filled up. We are now in the process of downsizing our footprint and Natasja has been a huge help in getting us on the way. She not only helped on the garage project but we have her helping us on a more regular basis as of late to keep us on track.

After speaking with Natasja, I was keenly aware that my lack of organization and systems, within my business and home, was wasting my most valuable resource, TIME.
 As a Realtor, I now provide my clients with a gift certificate from Symmetry Works so that they too can receive the tremendous gift of time saved, everyday.
 Natasja has become a very integral part of the heartfelt service our company is proud to be known for. Every single client I have referred to Natasja has been absolutely thrilled!

Jane F

Realtor, Calgary AB

I met Natasja at a workshop that she was volunteering at. She followed up with me, and we had booked a consultation. I felt very “at ease”, and not judged. I chose the four-week coaching package, and the transformation began!
It was great because I was accountable to make sure that I had completed the tasks that I was given, as Natasja was coming back the following week! Realizing very quickly that clutter is not just in our homes… It all starts with the clutter within our selves.
Natasja is fun to work with, full of amazing organizing ideas, and was very willing to share as much information as possible during our time together. Trust is a big part of this process, and I always felt complete trust for Natasja. The work has continued for me after our four sessions, but I had such a wonderful start. I feel comfort in knowing that I can pick up the phone and ask for more help. Natasja is professional, reliable, and always punctual. She always tried to find ways to re-purpose items that I already had, which I really appreciated.
I would recommend Natasja to anyone and everyone who is in need of organizing their lives. She’s great!

Rebecca Myers

Director of Marketing / Avanti Software 
Calgary, Alberta

I found your Lunch & Learn Presentation inspirational with lots of nuggets of wisdom. It was a well laid out power-point. You had great presentation skills. It was engaging and entertaining.

Dave Skrobot

Dave Skrobot

Owner / Quick Lube Plus & Kootenay Catamaran Camp

After the 1 hour consult with Natasja, I was so impressed I booked her for for a full day! I know I've saved over 20 hours of lost and idle time. I used to think I was on-top-of things, but now I know I am. Thanks again!

Jane Hein

Vice President Operations / Western Canada S.i. Systems, Calgary, AB

I would recommend Natasja to anyone who leads a busy life and would like to increase their household efficiencies by de-cluttering. In my case, I was introduced to Natasja by my Realtor Gord Shaver.
 Natasja assisted with de-cluttering, packing and staging my home. She is easy to work with, understands your needs and the intended goal and gets to work. I was so impressed with the end result I would absolutely recommend using her services in various capacities regarding future pursuits of organization for myself, my family and friends.

Carolyn Davis

Carolyn Davis

Community Economic Development Leader and Learner / Momentum Community Economic Development Society, Calgary, Alberta

I still can’t believe what Natasja accomplished in three short hours. Putting my faith in her was the way to go. My ‘new’ living room makes the most of natural light and built in features, and really feels great to hang out in.
She listened well to feedback and made an effort to get to know me and my situation in order to provide the best possible solution.
I also appreciate how generous she is with suggestions that I can now implement on my own.
Overall it was a great experience and I’ve already recommended her to friends and family.
Thanks again Natasja for your very high quality service. 

Lauren Andre

/ Calgary, Alberta

We’re so happy with the help we received from Natasja in organizing our home. She helped us to turn what was a cluttered, disorganized basement into a fun and functional playroom for the kids. Her ideas were both practical and economical, and she was able to tell us just where to go to find what we needed.
Not only did she come up with a great plan for organizing the space, she also worked really hard as we sorted toys and crafts in order to set up the new room. I would definitely recommend Natasja’s services to any of my friends.

Marlo Hertling

Applications Specialist / Avanti Software
 Calgary, Alberta

Good Morning Natasja,
I just wanted to take a moment and say thank-you for your presentation at Avanti last week! Your tip to change the word “should” to “could” was awesome! I went home and cleaned out my junk drawer and my files that night! A job I often said “I should” do … suddenly I could and I did – and it made me so happy to have it done!
Have a great week!

Attendee of Lunch & Learn

/ Avanti Software
, Calgary, Alberta

Your presentation was so motivating! I am going to go home to organize my junk drawer – Thank You! I liked the file organizing comments too. It made me think about a better way to handle it for myself.
 I also really appreciated the motivational quotes.

I own and manage a lodge in the mountains and I recently had the opportunity to receive the organizational services of Natasja Fischer and I want to tell you how pleased I am with everything she did for me in organizing my large kitchen pantry. I pride myself in being a very organized person, but everything Natasja did made so much sense and gave me so much more space. Her thought process was very professional and sensible, from the placement of the frequently used items on the shelves, to the labelling, to the advice for placement for future foodstuffs. Before she began, my pantry was organized (I thought) and every shelf was full with no more room to spare. After Natasja finished placing like things together and labeling I was totally amazed at how much space and empty shelves there were left over. I know where everything is and is all easily accessible. She was a wealth of information on what types and shapes of containers to use for better use of space, how to make maximum use of each shelf by using hanging baskets in the dead space under each shelf, and how to store certain food items to keep sanitation in mind. Whether you have a houseful, a basementful, a garageful, a roomful, a deskful or a shelful of stuff to organize, I would highly recommend Ms. Fischer’s services. Her eyes just light up the messier it is and she just can’t wait to make sense of it all. She does a wonderfully professional job and loves every minute of it. I will be using her services again in the future.

Attendee of Momentum’s Gear Up For Success Workshop

/ Calgary, Alberta

I loved your presentation! The message you presented made so much sense! It helped me understand myself as to WHY I keep the things I do and HOW important they really are.

Sabrina May

Sabrina May

/ Sabrina May Public Relations & Events
, Calgary, Alberta

Thank you so much for your presentation tonight at Momentum. It was very real and full of wonderful examples that makes answers and solutions very relatable.

It was great to have finally met you. I really enjoyed your workshop and your enthusiasm at Momentum last Wednesday night. Although I have known for some time and have been meaning to…re-organize my home-office space, there were always more pressing things to attend to. SO, you gave me a well-deserved kick in the butt. Thank you for that. Since the workshop, I have spent the weekend shopping for drop folders, file cabinets, and all sorts of other “organizing” things. I am STILL at it, but I will not give up.

Attendee of Momentum’s Gear Up For Success Workshop

/ Calgary, Alberta

I really appreciated your presentation tonight at Momentum. My favourite parts were the STATS and the HANDY TIPS!