Lennon AKA Can Ch Zaracon’s Forced Bid HIC Tribute

LENNON AKA Canadian Champion Zaracon’s Forced Bid HIC crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday April 21st at 9:33pm at his home.

He was surrounded by love.
His 3 kitties never left his side.
My loving hands were on him along with his Auntie Katharina’s 
When his beautiful soul left his body.

I’ve struggled to find the words and fear if I don’t share them, I will forget them.
I find myself in simultaneous places that I’ve never been before.

I’ve never needed so much time to quietly and silently grieve.
Processing emotions I never thought would surface as part of my experience.
I have been an observer and a judger to some of my emotions.

Never in my wildest dreams think in 1 year and 3 months to the day, that I’d leave the bodies of both my beloved boxers in the same building for the last time.

I am grateful that the anger and disappointment have left.
I forgave myself for the guilt that held me back from the grief.

I was reminded that this new normal takes a bit of time to get used to.

Many people will never know the kind of love I got to experience.

I remind myself that this was not my path, but his.
I was just the lucky one he chose to share it with.

When I got Lennon, I had been without a boxer for 7 years and I vowed that I’d never be without one again.
Now I cannot even honour the thought of another.
I love each of them deeply – love and energy never die after all.
They are the most special breed to me, but I think I may end on my fifth and finest.

There is a term that I learned in my world of boxers and dog shows, though I know that it is bigger than any breed or group.
And that is a ‘Heart Dog’.

A Heart Dog encapsulates a lot.

Some people say that in your lifetime you may have one dog that is thee dog
And if you’re really really lucky, you may get two.
It is the dog that gets you and connects with you like no other.
Some people say that it is your soul mate in the form of a dog.
A Heart dog owns your heart as much as you own theirs.

Whatever words you use to describe it
The dog that owns your heart in that kind of way
Is undoubtedly a gift
And that is exactly what Lennon was for me.

He was a gentleman who was all heart and pure love.
He was my first and only boy.

He marks such a remarkable era in my life.
Looking over 8 ¾ years, the life I have now is so completely different from the life I had at the start.
I will forever be grateful for all the fun we had. The shows we travelled to, the people we met, the communities and the family we’ve forever gained.
We experienced so much together.
Our beginning was like our ending – just the two of us.

How I’d hoped and prayed and assumed that I’d be blessed to have more time with him.

Lennon was the perfect ambassador for the breed with his personality.
He was gentle to all things small – kitties, dogs, rabbits, birds.
He was so happy that people came in smaller sizes in the forms of children.
His body so sound, his top line never waivered.
His movement could take your breath away.
He had substance and he had elegance.
He had a gorgeous neck and a lovely expression.
He was so smart and obedient
Always eager to please.
A happy go lucky goofy boy.
My Auntie Cherry called Lennon ‘the politest dog she had ever met’.

That’s a pretty high compliment about my boy!

You kissed me on our first day and on our last
Your absence echoes in the stillness between all the spaces you left behind.
When we lost Scott and Presley, we had each other.
You can’t bear hug a kitty, well you can, but they don’t like it.
I miss you.
Thank you for giving me as much time as you couldThank you for waiting for me.
Thank you for picking me to call your Mommy.
I’ll love you forever and ever my sweet beautiful boy.
Til we meet again.

This sacred moment was captured by my ridiculously talented friend Paul Paulparrazzi Van Elsberg of http://www.paulparrazzi.com/ on January 14 2014.

Can Ch Zaracon’s Forced Bid HIC
Aug 31 2006 – April 21 2015
Sire: BISS Am / BPIS Can Champion Summer’s Blackjack of Shadigee Am/Can SOM
Dam: Can BPIS Champion Shadowdale’s Road to Zaracon DOM