Presley AKA Zaracon’s Destination Street Tribute

PRESLEY AKA Canadian Champion Zaracon’s Destination Street crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday Jan 22 around 4:40 pm

Lennon and I were on either side of her.
She always loved lying in what I call the nook. I wrapped my body around hers enveloping her in love.

Countless communications were coming through of every kind sending me love, support strength. It felt like the world stopped.

I talked to God with tears and summoned every departed loved one into the room.
I held her face in my hands, I whispered messages of love to her into her pretty ears from myself and from so many people, and then I let her go.
Presley was beautiful, busy, smart, saucy, sweet and completely unstoppable.
She was bad (but when you say bad, you have to smile and draw out the word so it sounds longer).
Which actually translates to curious and mischievous.
The perfect show dog. Nothing really bugged her.
Her favourite auntie Tabatha and I used to say that if we could bottle her saucy, we’d be wealthy overnight.Presley knew instantly who she was and without a doubt, she was the queen.
You should have seen the day when I gave her Vari 400 Kennel back from the Furrarri 550 that she’d gotten accustomed to. She looked at me as if to say, What, what? Don’t you know who I am? I’m Presley!
I will not, and can not be downsized!
She refused to go into it and went into Lennon’s crate with him.
She went into his crate often for my short absences.

Anywhere we went, she knew she’d arrived and was ready for anything!

Presley was a lot of things for me.
She was my first fawn. She was my ‘first second dog’ that I ever owned. When she came to live Lennon and I (Can Ch Zaracon’s Forced Bid HIC) we now were a pack.

She was my first bitch I ever showed. And when she earned her Canadian Championship, she made her mother Secret, A Dam Of Merit.
And helped her father Chevy get his Sire Of Merit.

I’ll never forget the evening we drove down to Red Deer for the Alberta Boxer Club Specialty under breeder judge Shirley Bell.
We entered the ring and I overheard Shirley say to the ring steward with such excitement and joy say ‘This is my favourite class!’
Well we were equally excited to see her!

I can recall at one of lining and stacking up, I looked over my left shoulder to see my boxer friend Josie O’Reilly Summer Boxers mouth the words to me GORGEOUS. I was so proud of her in the ring and out of it.

Presley placed second out of six entries in the 6 – 9 month female class that night.
The winner of the 6 – 9 class went on to win Best of Winners, and her littermate went Reserve Winners female. What is interesting is that the littermates that won were actually half sisters to Presley (they all have the same sire).
For those of you who are not in the showing world, that is what we call CONSISTENT JUDGING

I remember getting a call from my amazing breeders Patti & Dave Zaracon Boxers not long after she’d come to live with us.
It’d been a lot of years since I had a girl and she wasn’t like either of the 2 I had.
And then David Gilmour shared some advice and insight and then wrapped it all up by saying ‘listen, they don’t call them bitches for no reason’.
Truer words have never been spoken.

She was trying to have words with her Grandma Sawyer at a very young age. And as Joanne Hodges can attest to, sometimes those Orange ones can be a lot to take for some people.

In all seriousness though, Presley got along with every person and every animal she’d ever met.
She respected seniors that didn’t want to deal with her big energy. She’d get their message as if to say ‘ok, we’re cool, no problem’

The little ones, all she wanted to do was stand over them, and they usually cooperated so quickly they’d be 4 paws to the sky, which made her job so much easier.

Women loved her and Men adored her.
Many of my guy friends would pick her up and carry her around like a baby and say that she could come to live with them any time.

The only thing you had to watch with her is when you played outside in the yard. She had what we’d call the Bruce Lee 3 Inch punch that always landed in the worst place for a fella. For 2 &1/2 years Mike & Matthew lived downstairs and well you can confirm with them and all of their guy friends that they greeted Presley Sideways instead of facing her.

She had an appetite for play, loved toys, but balls were her thing.
Many times I would have a treat, shed run to greet me with a ball in her mouth take a sniff and if it weren’t good enough, she’d prance (never walk) away as if she’d won the prize.
If it was good enough, I’d hold her ball, let her have her treat while she happily and thoroughly chewed it. When she was done, I’d give her her ball back. She’d prance around always so proud of herself.
She was tough, but she was all girl!

She created her own game of fetch. Which translates to Presley pushing a toy at me until I held it for a while and then I’d give it back to her.

Lennon and I had a great game with her that when she’d do this, sometimes I’d put my arm over the back of the sofa and Lennon would come behind and take the toy or ball, she’d be like Hey wait a minute…. Did I just hear his lips open to take MY ball?!

She could be stingy with kisses, so I trained her to kiss me before I’d give her whatever she was pushing at me to play with. I’d keep saying give me another kiss, give me another one.
Some days she’d give me the kiss before I asked just in case that’s what I wanted. Many times the kiss was just her touching her closed mouth to my face.
She was hilarious, always.

I taught her how to downward dog to me when I’d put my hands and arms together and bow, she’d mimic me. Every morning except for the last few, we’d start our day together like that.

Many things like that are not captured on film or video because so often it was just the 3 of us over the years with the odd spectator that got to see us in action.

She was the ‘Best Kidney Beaner’ from her litter of 9. She continued to bend herself like that when she was wound up.
She was vocal and talked a lot. She was big into mimicry not only sounds, but with movement. She was ridiculously smart.
She was absolutely perfect.

I had so much more planned for you my Fancy Face, my Trouble, my Turbo, my pretty pretty little girl, my monkey, momma’s baby. So many nicknames!

I thought we’d be heading to shows, entering agility, traveling to see Momma Patti and Papa Dave, but that was not to be.

Please tell Uncle Scotty that momma loves him so much and that she’s so sad without you both.
Please be sure to visit all of my grandparents and spend some time with my dad.
Show all those boxers up there how to run and play and spin on a dime my Turbo.

Watch over all of us here at home. Thank you for being such a good girl.
And every once in a while, can you mouth my hand as if you’re following me so I know you’ve stopped in?

Thank you for picking me to call your mommy.
I’ll love you forever and ever my darling girl.

Can Ch Zaracon’s Destination Street
Aug 13 2008 – Jan 22 2014
Sire: Can Champion Shadowdale Like A Rock CD CDI CGN SOM
Dam: Can Champion Zaracon’s Streetheart DOM

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