In Remembrance ~ Nicholas Fischer 1917-2002

I remember how he seemed to glow

Illuminated by sunlight at the kitchen table

The smell of Postum lingered in the air

Our favourite game

a wink with the left a wink with the right

Always ended in laughter and smiles.

He had the most quiet grand presence.

He never asked for much

not more than a little quiet for the CBC news

at meal times.

He loved to serve people

An extra piece of bread

His share of spuds

An extra shot of Bacardi

Though he clearly heard how much you wanted

What was an extra splash? (It was the ice)

He was the epitome of the ‘perfect Grandpa’

He built a swing for us in the garage

Pinstriped coveralls and matching hat

Candies always in his pockets

Content with any task at hand

Gardening, working in the garage, helping Grandma with dishes

Or laundry on Mondays

Always humming

If ever asked, ‘Grandpa, what are you humming’?

He’d respond with,’Never mind’.

Everyday was fun with him

Shelling peas, watering the flowers

A walk to Uncle Garret’s house.

A trip to the nuisance ground

Became an adventure.

It goes without saying how good he was

How gentle

He had a way his way with everything

(People animals’ plants)

A perfect gentleman

Always pulling up the car to the steps

Holding the door open to church

He was never out of hugs or kisses.

Robert and I were always raised to know

How lucky we were to have grandparents

To have them close grow with them learn from them.

We never had a lot But we always had love.

I will miss him dearly His ‘Hi’

His “Good morning Sleeps” (bending his knees and squinting when he said it)

I’ll miss getting him for dinner from the garage and holding his gentle calloused hand back to the house.

He had several names

Dad, Nick, Husband, My Darling, Sweets

To me He was the best of everything

He was My Grandpa.

Natasja Fischer 2002