7 Principles for Creative Workspaces


1. Start with how you want the space to make you feel.
How you feel effects how you create.

2. Remove distractions.
Clutter is like noise. Your stuff is either yelling at you or singing to you.
If you’ve got piles on the floor, your attention and your energy are being brought down, literally

3. Know your work style.
Are you a pacer? Do you like to work bare foot? Do you prefer standing half way through the day?
Whenever possible, I love setting up a second area.  A comfy chair with ottoman & side table in a corner is always a nice option for a break, to read, or even meditate.

4. Don’t compromise on comfort.
A great chair, increasing your monitor size, the right keyboard – all impact your productivity immediately!

5. Surround yourself with living things.
Plants & pets are always welcomed additions to any creative workspace.  Both immediately provide a sense of calm.

6. Lets talk lighting.
I like to have several options even in small space
Natural light, task lighting and indirect lighting. Whenever possible I change out bulbs to full spectrum. Good for plants, good for us.

7. Sound is key.
Need to set a tone or restart the day?  There’s always room for a wireless speaker and a stellar playlist. Always.