End Of Life Guide ~ Bereavement Support ~ Grief Coach

I help individuals and their families deal with change, transition, loss and grief.

Though I’ve taken training in areas of End of Life and Grief, it is my own personal experiences with death and trauma that have given me the most insight and education.

Loss teaches us compassion in a way that nothing else can.

In my life experience I’ve dealt with a great deal of trauma, 5 suicides, including my father’s when I was 10.
Supporting people and their families in fragile and delicate times is something I feel very privileged to do.
It is work I have always felt led to.

I guide clients to prepare for uncomfortable conversations with loved ones and or professionals alike, about life’s uncertainties such as divorce, critical injury, terminal Illness, and death.

I support clients in the areas in their life where they may need to make peace with their stuff; the physical, and emotional alike.

Confusion is a form of clutter.

When there is nothing left incomplete, we can really focus on what matters most.
When we are clear about our wishes, our loved ones can honour them and us, with complete reassurance and peace of mind.

This clarity gives so much freedom, for both the living and the dying.

Sometimes we have to deal with the stuff after our loved one has died.
That can be particularly challenging, especially if there are timelines you’re unable to meet, if logistics are a factor or if you’re just not up for taking it on alone.
Plus, grief just makes everything heavier.

I am here to help.
I support individuals and their families by assisting in a variety of ways. – Grief coaching, bereavement support, assistance with estate distribution & funeral planning, professional organizing and so much more.

Support is different for everyone.

Contact me and let me know how I can be of support to you, or call me at 403-973-6910.

To learn more about Specific Professional Organizing Services, please visit the for your space page.    
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