Hello.  I’m Natasja Fischer, The Transformationalist.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

What I’m all about?
In a word, transformation.
In a few, I get to transform people’s appearances, their environments and their lives.

I’ve got a ton of skills, a lot of passions and a number of titles that I wear with pride.

I’m a designer with a great understanding of western feng shui and space clearing.  One of my favourite possessions is a large solid brass space clearing bell from Bali.  My grandmother taught me how to paint interiors by the age of 12.  It is still something I find so entirely satisfying to do.

I am a hair stylist.  I believe the best stylists are healers.  How you look affects how you feel.  I love shifting the way someone sees themselves.  I’ve heard a lot of secrets and I’ve kept them all.

I’m a death and grief coach, also known as an end of life guide. Some in this profession identify as a death doula.  

I’ve experienced a great deal of trauma and loss in my lifetime.  Loss teaches us compassion in a way that nothing else can, and as a result I can so easily step towards people in their pain, their fear and their grief.  I feel honoured to serve in this capacity.

I am a professional organizer.
Like most organizers, it’s in me an a cellular level. 
I used to sort my grandmothers thread by size and colour, and if you hired me as a babysitter by the age of 12, I was cleaning & reorging houses while your kids slept. 
I had a number of influencers early on who were all very diligent, creative and perfectionistic that unknowingly helped me on my path and develop my skills.

I learned at a very young age that I could change the way people felt when I was given the green light to change their space.

I can feel the energy of a space, and I know how to shift it.  And I use a number of tools to do that.
If that sounds too woo-woo for you, trust me, you will feel different and your space will feel different.  I am completely unattached to what you call it.  (The chinese call it CHI)  I am only interested in the most positive outcome for you!

I am a consultant, writer, speaker, dog handler, and a seeker.

I’m lucky that my teachers are also people I get to call friend. Internationally respected Cherokee/Choctaw Elder, pipe carrier, named Sequoyah Trueblood, was the first to teach me the practice and the importance of smudging.  Debbie Gibbs, Shaman, 8th Wisdom Keeper, gifted me the most beautiful drum with a sound that feels like thunder.

Sound is incredibly healing.

I have a goal in the next 3 years to have a cane corso to serve as a grief therapy dog.

I believe the dying remind us to live.
I adore my clients and am grateful for all the ways I get to serve them.