People have to know that your consult is your silver bullet!

~Organizing Client’s feedback on his 1 hour on-site consult with The Transformationalist

An interior is the natural projection of the soul.

~Coco Chanel

The laundry is not done until it’s put away.

~Natasja Fischer, The Transformationalist

Lennon AKA Can Ch Zaracon’s Forced Bid HIC Tribute

LENNON AKA Canadian Champion Zaracon’s Forced Bid HIC crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday April 21st at 9:33pm at his home.

He was surrounded by love.
His 3 kitties never left his side.
My loving hands were on him along with his Auntie Katharina’s 
When his beautiful soul left his body.

I’ve struggled to find the words and fear if I don’t share them, I will forget them.
I find myself in simultaneous places that I’ve never been before.

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Presley AKA Zaracon’s Destination Street Tribute

PRESLEY AKA Canadian Champion Zaracon’s Destination Street crossed the rainbow bridge on Wednesday Jan 22 around 4:40 pm

Lennon and I were on either side of her.
She always loved lying in what I call the nook. I wrapped my body around hers enveloping her in love.

Countless communications were coming through of every kind sending me love, support strength. It felt like the world stopped.

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