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End Of Life Guide ~ Bereavement Support ~ Grief Coach

The dying remind us to live.

Natasja Fischer


Death isn’t the opposite of life, it’s is the opposite of birth.  Death is part of life.

For most of us in North America, we are so far removed from death. We fear it, we avoid it and we don’t know how to talk about it. 
We don’t want to talk about it.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to support the sick, the dying, the caregiver and the bereaved.  I am honoured to be a member that village.

Like grief, this kind of work does not fit neatly little boxes. It really must be customized for each person’s needs and values.  Please keep that in mind as you review some of the ways I serve my clients and their families.

Grief is not a feeling, it’s an action.


I support people who are: 

  • going through a divorce

  • adjusting to changes in their health after a critical injury, or long term illness

  • who are experiencing accessibility challenges and need their home reconfigured to better support them
    ex: transforming a main floor office to a master bedroom

  • creating systems for medical support staff while keeping your environment peaceful and beautiful, not clinical

  • planning a funeral – their own, or someone else’s

  • terminally ill and dying

  • grieving the loss of a loved one, including a pet

  • grieving and overwhelmed by sorting/packing up an estate


The great healer of our grief is validation, not time. 
All greif needs to be heard.

Lani Leary, PhD


I support individuals and their families by assisting in a variety of ways:

  • provide practical and emotional support

  • help begin meaningful conversations regarding the kinds of care you want when health conditions change or as natural aging occurs

  • help prepare both you and your family for death

  • help create a personal death plan that honours what’s important to you and supports your medical wishes 

  • grief coaching & bereavement support

  • assisting with estate distribution & funeral planning

  • creating obituaries, eulogies & epitaphs

  • managing digital accounts and handling social media platforms 

  • create sacred space for you to live in and be surrounded by that supports your wellness

  • support you through death if that’s your wish

  • create a vigil

  • support with any packing of personal belongings & coordinating returns of medical equipment

  • professional organizing services

Support is different for everyone.   

I am here to help.  Contact me and let me know how I can be of support to you, or call me at 403-973-6910.

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